End of the world threats rated

Each threat is estimated in two ways: first, the chance of it occurring in our lifetime (the next 70 years); and, second, the danger that it would pose to the human race if it did happen (10 = making humans extinct, to one = barely having an impact on our lives).

Threat Likelihood in 70 yrs Impact (10 humans extinct/1 barely any)
1: Climate Change High 6
2: Telomere erosion Low 8
3: Viral Pandemic Very High 3
4: Terrorism Very High 2
5: Nuclear war Low 8
6: Meteorite impact Medium 5
7: Robots taking over High 8
8: Cosmic ray blast from exploding star
Low 4
9: Super-volcanos Very High 7
10: Earth swallowed by a black hole
Exceedingly low 10

Other threats:
Nanotech war and/or Space war using kinetic bombardment
Chance (no chance before better tech in 15-35 years/ after depends on politics and people)
Impact 7-10