Speculation: Room temperature superconductors : milestone to complete master of energy and matter

By getting superconducting theory right (or making enough progress from theory and better experiment), we could guide material design of room temperature superconductors, higher current density material, better electronics, better power grid, possible magnetically ground launched space craft.

Room-temperature superconductors would be an important milestone on the path to complete mastery (within the actual limits of physics) of information, light, energy, magnetism, and matter. (ILEMM control)

What seems doable with far greater mastery of ILEMM:
Molecular nanotechnology

Large scale Quantum computers (millions of qubits)

Large scale space structures for solar energy collection and propulsion

Magnetic formation flying

Magnetically inflated cable

Light sails and beamed propulsion

More on magsails
PDF on magsails

Advanced metamaterials

Antimatter storage and harvesting work could eventually lead to the large scale creation of artificial mini-magnetospheres to allow antimatter to be created and collected.

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