israelSpaceIL Previous and Next Moon Mission

SpaceIL will try to make a second attempt to land on the moon.

scienceWhat is the Multi-generational Effect of Partial Gravity ?

The reason for a space Gravity lab is that we do not know the long term effects of partial gravity and do not know if it is safe for humans to live at partial gravity. If we want to colonize …

scienceDespite High Radiation Levels Nearest Exoplanets Can Support Life

Researchers compared atmosphere and radiation models of exoplanets with Earth of nearly 4 billion years ago to today. 4 billion years ago the Earth had a lot more radiation but life still existed and started at that time.

economic impactMomentus Water-Plasma Space Transportation Service #SpaceAccess2019

Momentus Space's Water-Plasma Propelled In-Space Transportation Services. Vigoride Extended will be able to take 200 kilogram from low-earth orbit to lunar orbit. It could take 300 kilograms from low-earth orbit to GEO. The cost would be $100,000/kg.

indiaRidesharing Lunar Lander

Orbit Beyond is providing a ridesharing lunar lander with a first moon mission in 2020. #SpaceAccess2019

energyFalcon Heavy or New Glenn for New Moon Plans

John Shilling surveyed the payload capabilities of the SpaceX Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, Vulcan and the New Glenn rocket at Space Access 2019. The Falcon Heavy has the capabilities for Moon missions but a New Glenn with a third stage …