Intel makes prototype 80 core chip and more future chip technology

Intel’s researchers have produced an 80-core chip that uses less energy than a quad-core processor and has teraflop performance capabilities. The chip is being called the Tera-Scale Teraflop Prototype. Vara says the 80-core chip uses less than 100 watts of energy; a dual-core chip uses 60 to 70 watts and a quad-core uses 105 to 130 watts.

45 nanometer lithography processes are being introduced this year in 2007 (2nd half)

Intel has announced the shift to 45 nanometer for the second half of 2007 Details on IBM and AMDs work on their 45 nanometer process

The 32 nanometer process is scheduled for for 2009 by Intel

22 nanometer is expected about 2011

Recent successes overcoming nanoimprint problems could allow for an alternate approach to achieving 6 nanometers Nanoimprint lithography has a roadmap worked out to getting past the quality issues that it has

Metamaterials and superlenses could extend optical lithography down to the 2-6 nanometer range

New chip architectures such as crossbar could help boost chip processing power by 8 times

Past article from this site, advancednano, on AMD and Intels teraflop computer plans