Inflatable electric cars could be cheap, safe and have long range

Inflatable electric cars could have 2500 mile range using a single hot-swap XPack Multi-CoreTM Battery/Fuel Cell power plant. You would use the battery/fuel cell and then it would be changed out when you needed to “refuel/recharge”. It will take until at least 2010 for the cars to be fully certified and placed into high volume production. Price targets are less than $10,000 and one model to compete with the Tata Nano, which costs $2500. This is a radical re-thinking of how to build a car that appears likely to radically lower costs, safety and fully enable electric cars with no core features (driving range, basic highway speed, cost, safety) that are inferior to current combustion cars.

The inflatable cars could be flat shipped like furniture from Ikea.

The key advantages over competitors are that these are the safest, longest range, lowest cost vehicles which can be flat-pack shipped directly to users.

XP Technology is an electric powered automobile technology startup with disruptive patent protected technologies utilizing safe non-grid-connected energy cassettes to produce the electricity to run a polymer airbeam, carbon fiber constructed ultra light and safer bodied automobiles priced at very low invoices with extremely high energy efficiency.

UPDATE: An update on the adoption of electric bicycles and scooters in China

Taiwanese people ride small two-stroke scooters (most were purchased before the availability of good electric bikes). China has 60 million electric bike riders now (out of 450-500 million unpowered bike riders). When asked why this was so, people confirmed suspicions that Chinese people do not, in general buy e-bikes and e-scooters due to any sense of environmental altruism. No… they buy electric because a gas scooter costs five times as much as an e-bike does.

So the low price of the safe, cheap, long distance inflatable electric car will be key to widespread adoption of electric cars. Providing a better value for the money will enable the painless transition to environmentally friendly transportation.

the products of the XP Vehicle company

Frequently asked questions on the XP vehicles

It should take two average adults, with a high school education, less than two hours to inflate and unpack the vehicle.

Fully Assembled option likely: fleet departments and regional retailers will be purchasing sets of the vehicles and will likely offer them local and assembled.

They are targeting all vehicles for sub $10K pricing targets with one vehicle targeted at a record breaking low price in the Southeast Asian market.

Power sources: Massed battery arrays, fuel cells and fuel cell/battery hybrid plants.

Can the polymer version blow away? They have a special ballast and aerodynamic design set of features which makes the car very stable.

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