China Hydro Power Now to 2020 and China Air Pollution Now

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1. China is likely to expedite approving hydropower projects from the second half of this year, or face missing its ambitious renewable energy target after cutbacks in the past five years, local media said.

China has set a goal to utilize renewables to supply 15 percent of its primary energy demand by 2020, and two-thirds of it will come from hydropower. At present, China has 197 GW of hydropower generation capacity, roughly 23 percent of the country’s total. Coal fires about three quarters of China’s total electricity.

2. China’s air quality drops in first half of year.

* China is still faced with “severe challenges” in pollution control, as a nationwide sampling on water supply found that more than one-quarter of the country’s surface water was contaminated.

* 189 cities out of the 443 cities monitored also suffered from acid rain in the first half of this year.

* The Lancet said air pollution in China was widely to blame for 1.3 million premature deaths a year from respiratory disease.

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