Kazakhstan Uranium Projection to 2015 and a new Bet

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Kazatomprom has a page which describes the uranium mines that they plant to open.

The World Nuclear Association page on Kazakhstan describes the development status and production of the mines.
The first quarter of 2010 has already had production figures released. Those figures are 4060 tons of Uranium.

Also, each of the pages on affiliated companies describes joint ventures uranium commitments and expected tonnage and some indication of schedules.

I have compiled that information to recreate what happened in 2009 on a mine by mine basis and projected out to 2015.

I have a new set of bets with Michael Dittmar. This time on uranium production in Kazakhstan.

The predictions and the bet is for the uranium production of the country of Kazakhstan.
So not just Kazatomprom, although that is most of the production.
Again we use the World Nuclear Association numbers of uranium production when reported.

       Brian Wang      Dittmar               Midpoint
2010   16500 tons      15000 tons            15750 tons
2011   18000 t or more 17,999.9 tons or less 18000 tons

Three more quarters like the first quarter and increased ramping of mines to get another 260 tons will mean the betting figure is right. 11,690 tons from the second, third and fourth quarter will mean that I win 2010.

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