My 2010 Singularity University Presentation on the Latest Developments and Current Capabilities in Nanotechnology

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I gave a talk on July 16, 2010 for the Singularity University which going on at a building at the Mountain View, California NASA facility.

Overview of the talk on Latest Developments and Current Capabilities in Nanotechnology-

2D and 3D Nanoscale patterning and manufacturing (the kind of equipment that Singularity University Groups could buy or rent or get access to for Nanotechnology projects)
Quantum dots (Getting commercialized in many areas now – cameras, sensors, displays, etc…)
Self Assembly (strong candidate for enabling the next lithography nodes)
Memristors (HP is developing to beat Flash memory in 3-5 years, uses nanowires and could put memory and processing together)
Sensors and electronics in living cells (examples of something that people used to say and sometimes still say is impossible and mockable. the movie fantastic voyage with Rachel Welch in a submarine in the bloodstream)

Carbon nanotubes & graphene (industrial applications for nanotech)

Note: I did not cover DNA Nanotechnology because other presenters covered this in detail.

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