Personal Life Extension Conference

Michale Anissimov has live twitter coverage of the Personal Life Extension conference 2010.

* Gregory Benford unveils, a nutraceutical developed by Genescient which has been tested on humans.

After several years of development Stem Cell 100 will be available for sale in about one month. It extends fruit fly lifespan by 20%.

Stem Cell 100 does not stimulate stem cells to differentiate or divide; it just promotes the stability and vitality of adult stem cells so they have the capacity to divide when the body signals a need for more stem cells. When an organ or tissue is damaged, it will send out natural signals that new cells are needed to replace old or damaged cells. Stem Cell 100TM allows the adult stem cells to respond to the damage signal by provided new differentiated cells to replace the old or damaged cells and also make more adult stem cells to support the youthful stem cell population. The stem cell stability and vitality comes in part from activating telomerase, which is required for genetic stability, and in part from activating insulin sensitivity using a potent resveratrol analogue, which enhances metabolic stability. Two other substances (Theanine and pine tree oligo proanthocyanidins) in Stem Cell 100TM provide niche support for stem cells by lowering inflammation and stress and by promoting vascular structure and hormone support

There are four components that make up the patent-pending combination in Stem Cell 100. The first ingredient is a psychoactive amino acid 5-N-ethyl-glutamine from Camellia sinesis that reduces mental stress and inflammation while improving learning and protecting brain cells from ischemic or toxic injury. Three of the active components are highly extracted natural herbs that are standardized for active components that promote adult stem cells and lower inflammation: 1) oligo-proanthocyanidins from the pine bark of the Pinus tree ; 2) pterostilbene, which is a long half-life resveratrol analog (some 14X longer lasting than resveratrol) from Pterocarpus marsupium, 3) astragalosides extracted from Astragalus membranaceus, which has many positive effects on stem cells and the cardiovascular and immune systems.

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