National Space Society Announces the Kalam-NSS Energy Initiative for Space Based Solar Power

The National Space Society held a press conference Thursday, November 4 at the National Press Club to reveal one of the first initiatives ever undertaken by a non-profit American organization and a former head of state.

* electricity demand by 2035 will increase 87%, the NSS argued that earth based renewable power will only be able to meet 23% of anticipated demand

* Neither the U.S. nor the Indian Government is officially funding the development of space based solar power, so it isn’t clear who would pay for development of this technology.

John Mankins, the President of Artemis Innovation Management Solutions and the COO of Managed Energy Technologies, and a former NASA Director, is considered one of the foremost experts on space based solar power. He argued that the potential of space based power was at least equal to that of fusion, and that orbiting space satellites were a superior option to beaming power from the moon. Mr. Mankins stated that the goals of the space based power system were to create a technology that could put payloads into orbit for $3,000 per kilogram, a solar power satellite that could last for 20 years, and an eventual cost of 10 cents per kilowatt hour from energy derived from the satellite. Mankins claimed that a prototype power satellite producing 10 megawatts could be developed for $10 billion and deployed within a decade.

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