AI 2.0 is Coming in 2018

Several AI Marketplaces will launch in 2018 and will do for AI what Web 2.0 did for the Internet. Standards-based integration will launch AI 2.0. Costs will drop and development times will shrink.

SingularityNET, AT&T and others are creating AI marketplaces in 2018 that will speed up AI development. AI projects and businesses will be able to assemble large AI projects from validated AI modules and services.

This will be similar to how Web 2.0 drastically lowered the cost and sped up the development of internet sites. Scott Dietzen described Web 2.0, “the Web becomes a universal, standards-based integration platform.

AI Marketplaces will mean the cost and time to develop AI projects will each drop over 10 times.

Web 2.0 allowed the internet to proliferate and permeate society beyond the initial phase of the internet where multi-millions and years were needed for each project.

AI markets will help relieve the shortage of AI developers.

Societal and technological disruption from AI will go to another level.

Continued scaling of AI is needed for predictions of Artificial General Intelligence milestones to be realized.

Artificial Intelligence expert Ben Goertzel will be pretty surprised if we don’t have toddler-level AGI in the range 2023-25. And then it will be more than a toddler in the human sense. It will be a toddler savant, with the ability to e.g. do science and math and answer questions way beyond the level of a human toddler. And once we’re there, the full-fledged Singularity won’t be far off in Ben’s opinion…. SingularityNET has potential to accelerate R&D progress in this and other AGI-ish directions, making it increasingly likely that the advancement of AI proves Kurzweil a pessimist…

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