High-temp MEMS can withstand 175 degrees Celsius

EETimes – Analog Devices Inc. is offering a dual-axis accelerometer capable of withstanding up 175 degrees Celsius (342 degrees Fahrenheit) for ruggedized industrial applications. The device is based on what ADI calls the world’s first high-temperature micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) technology.

While designed for ruggedized applications such as smart-drilling rigs that must excavate miles below the earth’s surface, the high-temperature iMEMS accelerometer is also an ultra low-power device, consuming only about 700 microamps, depending on operating mode, according to ADI. Bandwidths of .5-Hz to 2.5-kHz are user selectable with an ultra-low noise floor and milli-g resolution capable of resolving tilts as fine as .06 degrees of inclination, according to the company.

The 13-by-8-by-2 millimeter eight-lead package is available in side-brazed ceramic and is capable of surviving 3500-g shocks for use in ruggedized high-temperature installations.

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