Inexpensive way to obtain graphene in large quantities using edge-functionalized graphite

ACS Nano – Large-Area Graphene Films by Simple Solution Casting of Edge-Selectively Functionalized Graphite Researchers have demonstrated an inexpensive way to obtain graphene in large quantities using edge-functionalized graphite.

Besides being a very convenient way to produce graphene from pristine graphite, the technique could be tailored to specific applications. For example, Baek and his co-workers have already created nitrogen-doped graphene films that display excellent electrocatalytic activity for the oxygen reduction reaction in hydrogen fuel cells. “The EFG approach could be extended to application-specific purposes such as energy conversion and storage as well as nanoscale reinforcing materials,” says Baek.

We report edge-selective functionalization of graphite (EFG) for the production of large-area uniform graphene films by simply solution-casting EFG dispersions in dichloromethane on silicon oxide substrates, followed by annealing. The resultant graphene films show ambipolar transport properties with sheet resistances of 0.52–3.11 kΩ/sq at 63–90% optical transmittance. EFG allows solution processing methods for the scalable production of electrically conductive, optically transparent, and mechanically robust flexible graphene films for use in practice.

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