Rossi electricity generation claim is based on getting steam up to 450 celsius with Energy Catalyzer

Ecat World – Rossi claims – we have found a breakthrough with a primary fluid with which the reactors remain stable when we make steam at 450 Celsius. We are working on it together with our Customer. I am learning very much from him, and in particular I am learning from the person who made the test of the plant on October 28th. This person, now retired, is an engineer who used to test for military concerns thermic plants and missiles, so that he has a tremendous experience in thermodynamics. Here is to learn really and, honestly, when it turns to learn I am pretty fast. This collaboration is accelerating the development of the technological declinations.”

The retired engineer Rossi mentions is Domenico Fioravanti, the consultant that was sent by Rossi’s military customer to test the first 1 MW plant in Bologna. Now it looks like the two are working together to find ways to make these 1 MW plants (the military entity has ordered 12 more) produce electricity and steam, and Rossi is evidently learning a great deal from Fioravanti, and he seems to be very happy about the collaboration.

Defkalion (once Rossi partner and now competitor) will have their big announcement of products on Wednesday, November 30 (tomorrow).

Rossi also claims – We are building a 13 MW thermal plant, made of 13 plant such as the one you saw on October 28th: but it’s a military research and I can’t reveal any further detail, not the name, nor the place, nor the nationality of the customer.

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