Reviewing the New or Restarted Nuclear Reactors for 2012

1. Bruce Power’s Unit 2 sent power to Ontario’s electricity grid, for the first time in 17 years earlier today marking a major milestone in the Bruce Power revitalization program.

With first synchronization now complete, final planned commissioning activities will be carried-out on Unit 2 including safety system shutdown testing. Once the units are at high power, they will produce enough electricity to power cities the size of Ottawa and London, ON, combined.

“Ontario is building a modern, clean, reliable electricity system and nuclear energy is a critical part of our energy supply. Bruce Power’s revitalization program is an important step towards eliminating the use of coal fired electricity by the end of 2014,” said Chris Bentley, Ontario Minister of Energy.

The return to service of Units 1 and 2 bring the Bruce Power site back to its eight-unit capacity, doubling the number of operational units from 10 years ago when the company began its multi-year revitalization program to make it the largest nuclear generating facility in the world. Prior to this investment, half of the units on the site were laid up.

2. Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. finished its share of the refurbishment six months ago but Atlantic Canada’s only nuclear reactor is still not fully producing power. NB Power won’t say why Point Lepreau hasn’t been able to go online early since reconstruction of the plant finished two months ahead of schedule.

NB Power (Oct 1, 2012) Before returning to commercial operation, there are a number of reactor power increases and tests that must be completed. The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission will continue to provide oversight in the form of on-site inspections and technical reviews of the remaining testing and commissioning activities. There is one final regulatory approval required prior to exceeding 35% reactor power. NB Power remains on track to restart the Station and start generating electricity in the fall of 2012.

The Station will deliver safe and reliable power to New Brunswick for the next 25 to 30 years. Once restarted, the 660 megawatt Station will produce enough electricity to power more than 333,000 homes per year.

Reviewing the new reactor restarts for 2012

14 nuclear reactors were expected to be started in 2012

IAEA PRIS nuclear reactor database

New connections to the grid
SHIN-WOLSONG-1 (960 MW(e), PWR, KOREA REP.) on 27 January
SHIN-KORI-2 (960 MW(e), PWR, KOREA REP.) on 28 January

Restarts after long-term shutdown
BRUCE-1 (772 MW(e), PHWR, CANADA) on 19 September
BRUCE-2 (772 MW(e), PHWR, CANADA) on 16 October

2011 New connections to the grid
KAIGA-4 (202 MW(e), PHWR, INDIA) on 19 January
CHASNUPP 2 (300 MW(e), PWR, PAKISTAN) on 14 March
LINGAO 4 (1000 MW(e), PWR, CHINA) on 3 May
CEFR (20 MW(e), FBR, CHINA) on 21 July
BUSHEHR 1 (915 MW(e), PWR, IRAN,ISL.REP) on 3 September
KALININ-4 (950 MW(e), PWR, RUSSIA) on 24 November
QINSHAN 2-4 (610 MW(e), PWR, CHINA) on 25 November

Fuel has been loaded into the Indian Kudankulam nuclear plants

India’s nuclear power agency now indicates that Kudankulam unit 1 will be in commercial operation Dec, 2012 and Kudankulam unit 2 will be in commercial operation July, 2013

14 Reactors expected in 2012
2012 India, NPCIL Kaiga 4 PHWR 202 [connected 2011]
2012 Iran, AEOI Bushehr 1 PWR 950 [connected 2011]
2012 Russia, Rosenergoatom Kalinin 4 PWR 950 [connected 2011]
2012 Korea, KHNP Shin Kori 2 PWR 1000 [Jan, 2012]
2012 Korea, KHNP Shin Wolsong 1 PWR 1000 [Jan, 2012]
2012 Canada, Bruce Pwr Bruce A1 PHWR 769 [Sept, 2012]
2012 Canada, Bruce Pwr Bruce A2 PHWR 769 [Oct,2012]
2012 Canada, NB Power Point Lepreau 1 PHWR 635 [connected 2012]
2012 Argentina, Atucha 2 PHWR 692 [July, 2013]
2012 India, NPCIL Kudankulam 1 PWR 950 [Dec 2012 operation]
2012 India, NPCIL Kudankulam 2 PWR 950 [Jul 2013]
2012 China, CNNC Qinshan phase II-4 PWR 650 [connected 2011]
2012 China, CGNPC Hongyanhe 1 PWR 1080 [expected Dec 2012]
2012 China, CGNPC Ningde 1 PWR 1080 [expected Dec 2012]

So 9 of 14 have started and are generating some power. It is expected that 12 of 14 should be operating by the of 2012. Several of the 2011 grid connections did not generate full power until 2012.

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