World PPP GDP will be over $100 trillion in 2014 per Penn World 7.1 Statistics

Penn World tables 7.1 has been released and has an internet forms interface which html, SAS and text file formats.

The data is up to 2010.

They have two methods for calculating China’s PPP and have a result of 10.8 trillion or 11.7 trillion.

India’s PPP GDP 2010 Penn World Tables 7.1 was 4.69 trillion while the IMF says 4.05 trillion. This was about 15.8% more than the IMF figure.

The IMF had estimated China’s PPP GDP in 2010 at 10.1 trillion.

The Penn World statistics are a 7% or 15.8% increase over the IMF PPP values

Other economists calculate that China’s IMF PPP GDP is underestimated by 70%.

The Penn World statistics would have the world achieving a total GDP PPP over $100 trillion in 2014. The IMF predicts this milestone will be achieved in 2016.

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