“Singularity or Bust” film now online

A film about the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) researcher Ben Goertzel is now available online. Goertzel has spent the past two decades pondering the question of how to impart sentience and broad intelligence to machines, and he is now considered an authority on the subject. Goertzel is chiefly responsible for developing the OpenCOG architecture, which he believes could with sufficient resources and funding scale to human-levels of intelligence. Goertzel is currently collaborating with David Hanson to create an android with a modicum of intelligence. Goertzel is confident that with $25 million he could create an “AI Toddler” within five years.

Goertzel is not alone in his view that AGI could be near. Peter Voss, as well as Itamar Arel and of course Ray Kurzweil have made similar claims.

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