Less than one in 200 Canadians go to the US for healthcare and Canadian doctors are happy and the high Costs in the US are making about 35% of the people avoid needed procedures

A healthcare study surveyed America’s 20 “best” hospitals — as identified by U.S. News & World Report — on the assumption that if Canadians were going to travel for health care, they would be more likely to go to the best-known and highest-quality facilities. Only one of the 11 hospitals that responded saw more than 60 Canadians in a year. And, again, that included both emergencies and elective care.

Finally, the study’s authors examined data from the 18,000 Canadians who participated in the National Population Health Survey. In the previous year, 90 of those 18,000 Canadians had received care in the United States; only 20 of them, however, reported going to the United States expressively for the purpose of obtaining care.

Canada spends about $4000 per person per year on healthcare and the US spends $7500 per person per year.

About 1 in 200 Canadians go to the US for elective care , but there are a few who end up in US emergency when they are on vacation or traveling to the USA.

Doctors are happy in Canada and More doctors are coming to Canada now

There are waits in Canada but more people avoid needed procedures in the US because of high costs (Rationing by costs versus waits)

There are detailed studies of health care in Canada by province.

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