NASA NIAC 2014 symposium – cubesat propulsion, torpor human stasis, and Pulsed Fission-Fusion (PuFF) Propulsion System

NASA NIAC 2014 symposium, thursday early afternoon session

1:00 Nathan Jerred, Universities Space Research Association, 2013 Phase I Fellow
Dual-mode Propulsion System Enabling CubeSat Exploration of the Solar System

1:30 Hamid Hemmati, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 2013 Phase I Fellow
Two-Dimensional Planetary Surface Landers

2:00 John Bradford, SpaceWorks Engineering, 2013 Phase I Fellow
Torpor Inducing Transfer Habitat For Human Stasis To Mars

2:30 Rob Adams, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, 2013 Phase I Fellow
Pulsed Fission-Fusion (PuFF) Propulsion System

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Magneto inertial fusion

30-50% burnup in pulses

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