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biologyTraveling Amoeba for Better Traveling Salesman Solutions

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Traveling Salesman Problems are in a class of very difficult mathematical problems called NP-Complete problems. The possible solutions scales at insanely high levels that go far beyond current supercomputers. Better solutions for these problems could enable postal services, airlines and …

algorithmsAnalog Solver Could Find the Best Solutions to NP-hard Problems.

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Zoltan Toroczkai and collaborators have been working toward developing a novel analog mathematical approach that will help advance computation beyond the digital framework. They have a mathematical, analog “solver” that can potentially find the best solution to NP-hard problems. NP-hardness …

big dataThe Next Big Data Debacle Could Involve Amazon and China

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Data is now essentially the lifeblood of today’s modern industries. Not only does it provide insights for effective decision-making but it can also be used to predict and influence consumer and user behavior. Companies like Amazon and Netflix, for instance, …

computersBargain Costs for a Functional Star Trek Bridge Set

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Star Trek Axanar is fan film that put the fear of competence into CBS and Paramount. They raised about $100,000 and made the short film “Prelude to Axanar”. Axanar raised $638000 through Kickstarter to a 90 minute long movie. However, …

chinaChina built in hardware hacking chips

Bloomberg reports that China place small chips into servers and other machines that allowed the attackers to create a stealth doorway into any network that included the altered machines. Multiple people familiar with the matter say investigators found that the …

computersChina is far behind in computer chips

China’s largest computer chip maker is Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC). They makes chips to order but use a 28-nanometer process technology. This is several generations behind Taiwan Semiconductor and Intel. TSMC is preparing to make 5nm chips by 2020 …

computersEx-Australian PM Rudd trade war predictions and turning point

Ex-Australian PM Rudd says there will not be final resolution on the US-China Trade war until around Christmas. China will wait until after the election to see who it will be dealing with. The US Economic team has not had …

computersChina building $145 million superconducting computer that is up to 1000 times more energy efficient

China is building a 1 billion yuan (US$145.4 million) superconducting computer. It will be able to help develop new weapons, breaking codes and analyzing intelligence. It will use supercooled circuits made of superconducting materials. It will use 40 to 1000 …

computersQuasi‐Solid‐State Single‐Atom Transistors are 10,000 times smaller than conventional silicon transistors

Physicist Professor Thomas Schimmel and his Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) team have developed a single-atom transistor, the smallest transistor worldwide. This quantum electronics component switches electrical current by controlled repositioning of a single atom, now also in the solid …

computer memoryDemand for computer memory is surging and DRAM will pass $100 billion this year

The DRAM market will grow about 39% this year and surpass $100 billion. It will become the first category of semiconductor to hit that milestone. Samsung is the leading DRAM supplier and Hynix is number two.