View smart nanotechnology glass is in 250 commercial buildings #gsummit

Solar radiation and glare are reduced when the View glass is tinted, creating a comfortable indoor climate for occupants.

By admitting natural daylight and rejecting unwanted solar glare, View Dynamic Glass significantly reduces annual energy costs.

Control View Dynamic Glass from anywhere, create schedules, track energy efficiency and manage entire buildings with our mobile app.

View Dynamic Glass uses a proprietary electrochromic process to create smart glass in a world-class manufacturing facility. The best talent, equipment, and processes from the semiconductor, flat panel and solar industries produce dynamic glass in sizes up to 6 feet by 10 feet in many custom configurations. The factory combines leading-edge glass manufacturing with high technology processes and controls to deliver products that save energy, minimize heat and glare and allow occupants to enjoy the view to the outdoors. View Dynamic Glass is specified by architects for product performance, durability and energy savings.