Tau uses AI and blockchain so a stadium of people can understand each and reach enlightened decisions

Tau is a blockchain system that intends to remove bottlenecks in large-scale human communication and accelerate productivity in human collaboration. They will use logic based Artificial Intelligence.

Users can make statements to their Tau client. The Tau network matches consensus among its users in real time.

Users choose to share selected opinions and preferences. The shared opinions are made into a semantic knowledge base.

The system automatically generates and executes code. They call this code synthesis.

Currently having a discussion among 500 people if far less productive result than a discussion between 5 people.

Tau automates large-scale listening. The system effectively summarizes and searches discussed data in an efficient and comprehensible way.

Under certain assumptions, truly efficiently scaling of discussions and information flow is possible.

10,000 people can actually be 100 times more effective than 100 people, in terms of collaborative decision making and collaborative theory formation.