Taiwan Votes for Nuclear Power

Taiwanese voters on Saturday decisively rejected the government’s phase-out of nuclear power, 59% to 41%.

After shutting down a nuclear reactor, Taiwan had a black-out in 2017 that threatened the vital semiconductor industry.

A Trend Survey Research poll commissioned by pro-nuclear activists before the vote found that one of the strongest arguments for nuclear was, “Solar and wind are not stable, and are expensive,” attracting 71% agreement.

Nuclear Myth Busters is the Facebook site of the pro-nuclear movement in Taiwan.

Nuclear power in Taiwan accounts for 5,028 MWe of capacity by means of 3 active plants and 6 reactors, which makes up around 8.1% of its national energy consumption, and 19% of its electricity generation as of 2015. President Tsai Ing-wen said in January 2015 that her party aimed to phase out nuclear power in Taiwan by 2025