Nuclear Fission is a Better Energy Solution than Solar and Wind for the Climate

Michael Shellenberger is the President, Environmental Progress and he described the flaws with depending upon solar and wind to solve the climate issues.

Environmental Progress saved several nuclear power plants in the US and around the world. The clean energy from those reactors is more than the energy generated from solar power in the USA.

Environmental Progress has written the complete case for nuclear energy.

Nuclear energy has saved about 2 million lives by generating clean energy and reducing the use of coal, oil and natural gas.

They point out how the public has not understood that nuclear waste is safer than other energy waste.

They also show that solar and wind have increased the cost of electricity in California and Germany and other countries that have chosen to use a lot of solar and wind.

There are also studies which show that the more solar and wind make up the energy mix then the less value they provide. It costs more to make up for the intermittent power generation.

They have a complete analysis of the energy subsidies and how we get less energy from solar and wind when complete costs are factored.