Korea Completes 1340 MWe Nuclear Reactor

Korea has started a new 1350 MWe Shin Kori 4 reactor and will connect it to the electricity grid at the end of this month. It is the second APR-1400 reactor to start up of a planned global fleet of at least 10. Two other APR1400 are under construction at the Shin Kori location and are scheduled for completion in early and late 2022. Two further APR-1400 units are under construction in South Korea as units 1 and 2 of the Shin Hanul site.

Four APR-1400s are under construction at Barakah in the United Arab Emirates.

China Completed Its First Nuclear Power Uprate

China has uprated its oldest power reactor, Qinshan 1, to 350 MWe (net) from its original 300 MWe. This was China’s first nuclear power uprate.

SOURCE- World Nuclear News