Adding a ChatGPT Like UI to Your Downloaded Language Model

Alpaca Turbo is a ChatGPT-like interface for all of your local models. This UI looks and behaves just like ChatGPT. The authors of Alpaca Turbo have been active iron out the bugs and are very active in their Discord.

Here is the Github for Alpaca Turbo.

2 thoughts on “Adding a ChatGPT Like UI to Your Downloaded Language Model”

  1. The speed at which these things went, from needing super-computers down to running in a lowly laptop, gee, a raspberry Pi (!), is astounding.

    It must be a super-exponential decrease in cost or something.

    Seems the higher cost is getting the first one, then that one can bootstrap others, with far less effort and far less parameters.

    And Alpaca is just using the 7B model with GPT 3.5 training!

    Eager to see what can be created with GTP-4 or PaLM tutoring.

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