Elon Musk Said Bullish Things for Nvidia Shares That All Data Centers Will Be AI Centers

Elon Musk had a twitter space which talked about how great FSD 12 is. FSD 12 drove nearly flawlessly and it was a completely neural net version of the FSD software. (Full self driving).

However, Elon Musk said things that were bullish for Nvidia and AI.

* the world will be compute constrained for a while
* Elon has previously said that Tesla would have 100 exaflops of AI training compute by the end of 2024
* all data centers will be AI centers
* What percentage of energy will be AI and neural nets over time it will become 80-90%
* there is room for Tesla Dojo and Nvidia
* there will be a shortage of AI silicon this year
* next year there will be shortage of electricity transformers.
* there will then be a shortage of electricity
* the compute needs to be in one place
* there is also a shortage of Infiniband networking
* standing up 10,000 Nvidia H100 is very hard

Tesla plans to scale its capacity from 14,000 Nvidia A100 chips to the equivalent of 300,000 of the same chips by the end of 2024.

4 thoughts on “Elon Musk Said Bullish Things for Nvidia Shares That All Data Centers Will Be AI Centers”

    • You don’t need to learn about that drive from journalists living in their mom’s basement. You can watch the source material directly from Elon’s feed in Twitter/ X.

      I did. And it’s impressive.

  1. We’re seriously gonna need space solar. Never mind transmitting the power to Earth, just put the AI hardware up there.

    • the far side of the moon is the place where Ian Douglas chooses for Copernicus which is an artificial intelligence for the whole world and the leading character in his science fiction series about the defense of earth.

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