Tesla FSD Is All AI Without Hardcoding

Tesla has converted the last piece of Tesla FSD to AI neural networks. The last piece was vehicle control. The 300,000+ lines of C++ control code is now about 3000 lines of code to activate AI neural networks.

Elon Musk says Tesla AI/FSD progress is only compute constrained now and not engineer constrained.

Tesla is scaling up its Dojo and other AI training to 100 Exaflops by the end of 2024. This will put about 50 times more compute for FSD training.

9 thoughts on “Tesla FSD Is All AI Without Hardcoding”

  1. I haven’t been following the Self Driving Car stuff all that closely.
    This is the first self drive at night video I have seen.
    Are there any self drive in rain or snow videos?

  2. Tesla is also known for vastly overstating its range while others overstay their ranges. Tesla took American taxpayers for tens of billions.

    • Miles per gallon is the same, that is the optimum estimate, assuming 55mph on flat roads no traffic with full tires.

      Your car in real conditions rarely if ever gets the spoken MPG/range on a full tank/battery.

    • As CNBC reported in October 2021, Tesla EVs were initially excluded from US Tax exemptions for electric vehicles. Something about non-unionized workforce. Even later, most of the Tesla models were excluded due to price caps on the rebates.

      Your point about the observed vs marketed range is well known and predicted by anyone who has lived in the northern tier of states. The news is actually the way they cancelled appointments to examine reports of the issue without admitting to it.

      Whether that rises to a question of false marketing would turn on the actual words used in the marketing. Picky legal point, but on such do class action suits live and die.

  3. Tesla does not have a clue about autonomy. FSD is used exclusively by Tesla and means you must drive your car and it will in any case be more unsafe than an average new car.

    • I don’t accept that. If Tesla ‘doest not have a clue’ then WHO does? Come on, give me a break.

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