August 09, 2010

Anders Sandberg Talks Whole Brain Emulation at Google

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The topic of brain emulation will be discussed this weekend at the Singularity Summit.

Ray Kurzweil: The Mind and How to Build One 
Brian Litt: The past, present and future of brain machine interfaces 
Demis Hassabis: Combining systems neuroscience and machine learning: a new approach to AGI 
Terry Sejnowski: Reverse-engineering brains is within reach 
Dennis Bray: What Cells Can Do That Robots Can't 

Anders Sandberg will not be speaking at the Singularity Summit.

If you register for the Singularity Summit based on this article then let them know that you were referred by Brian Wang of Nextbigfuture.

When registering and answering 
How did you hear about The Singularity Summit? (check that apply) Check Other and include my name.
Pricing is $585 until the event

Special Rates

Students receive a $100 discount on two-day tickets. 
All but $35 of your ticket price is a tax-deductible donation.
$100 discount if you book a discounted room at the Hyatt.
MAJOR DISCOUNT: Rooms at the same hotel as the Singularity Summit starting at only $139/night! Best deal available in downtown SF during the Summit.

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