Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries could make better Hybrids

Lithium Technology Corporation (OTC: LTHU.PK) claims that they have created the largest lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cells.

The 7 kWh battery comprised of 63 of LTC’s iron phosphate cells has achieved 125+ MPG. LTC’s large format technology allows for more reliable battery systems with a significantly lower number of cells. The battery management system (BMS) is more precise monitoring fewer cells, keeping them in balance for best performance and preventing damage to the battery due to over voltage, under voltage, over temperature and short circuit

Batteries made of LTC’s cells can provide 3000 charging cycles, which would be able to do 150,000 miles to 80% capacity for a 100 km or 60 mile all electric range plug in hybrid, which no other technology can claim,” said Dr. Andrew Frank, Professor, Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering at the University of California, Davis . “The new cells from LTC provide improved safety with the iron phosphate chemistry while delivering the impeccable performance they are known for, which is what the auto makers have been in search of; this is a Company that is seriously committed to making hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles an affordable reality for the consumer.”