Phase change ovonic memory 2012 market share

Phase change memories (perfect RAM) are forecast to capture 5.5 percent of the NOR flash market by 2012.

I have covered phase change ovonic memory before. It is 500 times faster than regular Flash memory

Trapped charge memories increasing from less than 1 percent now to 30 percent of the NAND flash market in 2012. The flash memory market is projected to be $56.5 billion market in 2012

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  1. Definitely complete master of ILEMM is a long and continuous process with no end.

    Room-temp superconductors and how long it takes to convert from knowledge to mastery of the art. It will depend upon how actually easy it is to make the room-temp superconductors.

    I am thinking that it will take some combined materials with molecular precision. We have some designer materials now. I would guess 10-20 years to see it roll out wide from the date that we have the theory.

    But giving us better less than room temp superconductors or low resistance material would happen sooner and ramp up the industry

  2. “Room-temperature superconductors would be an important milestone on the path to complete mastery (within the actual limits of physics) of information, light, energy, magnetism, and matter. (ILEMM control)”

    This might be true in a relative sense but it could take a long time to go from having the knowledge to mastering the art. Artificial intelligence might make the gap smaller though; the kind that is still early in lab development not the kind that is in industrial use.


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