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MarsNASA has small $18.8 million nuclear thermal rocket research project

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Last year, NASA partnered with BWXT Nuclear Energy Inc. for an $18.8 million contract to design a reactor and develop fuel for use in a nuclear-thermal propulsion engine for deep-space travel. “Significant advances in material research and technology development have …

astronomyPlasma Magnet Sails to get manned missions to Mars in 1 week

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The plasma magnet sail engine is little more than 2 pairs of charged rotating coils and is therefore extremely simple and inexpensive. A fully powered plasma magnet sail using a small nuclear power source could accelerate at 0.5G and reach …

futureLaser arrays for propelling spaceships can also be used like nuclear cannon weapons

A powerful 70 gigawatt laser propulsion system that could accelerate an 100 kilogram object over 122 seconds to 2% of light speed (6000 kilometers per second) would also be able to fire kinetic projectiles at nuclear weapon power. The goal …

futureMach Effect Propulsion 2016 – it is proven, replicated and will scale to fast interstellar travel

Woodward in 2016 indicates that there were multiple experimentalists replicating the initial experiments. Most of the videos are from the Sept 2016, Breakthrough Propulsion Workshop. Woodward is convinced it is proven, replicated and will scale to fast interstellar travel. It …

magneticTheoretical Research on Magnetic Sails for stopping interstellar probes at other stars

Research in interstellar travel technologies has seen a paradigm change over the last few years. Early concept studies, like Project Orion and the Daedalus project, envisioned gigantic fusion based starships. The perspective changed however when efforts to develop miniaturized satellites, …

cubesatsUpdate on Positron Dynamics -working towards Antimatter propelled cubesat in 2018

Antimatter is the most energy dense material in the universe. Positron dynamics core innovations is the ability to generate intense beams of cold positrons using an array of moderators. They use a radioisotope as a source of positrons. They react …

mach effectMach Effect Propulsion better to go smaller with an array of devices

At 23 minutes of this video. SSI SA Dr. Heidi Fearn explains how just scaling power and size causes problems. (heat, arcing and other problems). For Mach effect propellentless propulsion it will be better to go to an array of …

futureBeaming laser power to ion drive is 300-400 times more thrust than just laser photonic sail

A 100 meter to 150 meter solar array that is attuned to the lithium ion will be about 70% efficient. JPL is working on the gridded lithium ion arrays to achieve 60,000 ISP. There is work on 60 meter deployable …

physicsX3 ion thruster achieves record 102 kilowatts of power and 5.4 newtons of thrust

The X3 thruster was designed by researchers at the University of Michigan in cooperation with NASA and the U.S. Air Force. It is a Hall thruster — a system that propels spacecraft by accelerating a stream of electrically charged atoms, …

energyImploding Liner Fusion

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Video starts at about 26 minutes.