IEC 2009 Highlights

The agenda of the IEC 2009 conference has links to the presentations

Dynamic Electron Injections for Improved IEC-POPS Operation [ ppt ]

IEC computer simulation: Two-dimensional (2d) Particle-in-cell (PIC) Simulation of Polywell

• DD fueled Polywell will be smaller than ITER.
• Wiffleball effect is needed but remains to be seen.
• Neutral gas fuel must be tightly localized to control ions first-pass energy.
• Engineering design of the gas handling system will be challenging.
• Polywell remains a prime contender to solve the world’s energy crisis.

Future Goals of IEC at the University of Wisconson

* Understand & extend performance of the SIGFE 6 ion-gun device.
* Inject D, 3He into SIGFE at high energies to study D3He fusion.
* Demonstrate Differential Die Away (DDA) technique with DD fuel.
* Increase 3He3He fusion rates in HELIOS.
* Compare the experimental results to code predictions of the energy & spatial distribution of DD fusion events in an IEC device.
* Understand the effect of He on the morphology of tungsten IEC cathode grids.
* Measure the current densities & spatial profiles of negative ions emanating from the cathode region.