Picoprojectors for Phones and Other Applications

Smartphone pico projectors — small accessories that allow phones to project video and photos onto 40- to 60-inch screens — have finally begun to ship.

In November, 2009, Sparkz Products released its expensive pico projector for the iPhone; the device balances on a tripod stand. Microvision has recently announced that its pico projector design will soon debut in Asia. Indeed, 2010 just could be the year when such video accessories for smartphones will come out in droves, says Ross Rubin, director of industry analysis at NPD Group.

With the devices finally out, what remains to be seen is whether they catch consumers’ eye. Consultant In-Stat recently forecasted that pico projectors will turn into a $1.1 billion market by 2014.

1. Royaltek’s Pocket-projector (Model name: RPJ-2000) is a “Portable”, “Ultra Slim-Size” projective device for professional business presentation with other mobile devices. This mobile projector also supports iPod or mobile Phone multimedia display (with iPod Video cable), DVD Player or media players, such as MP4 player etc

Up to 65″ maximal projection screen size, RPJ-2000 is embedded 3M optical engine as its projection source, which is most advanced technology with the smallest size of projectors core optical engine. Connectivity includes VGA and NTSC/PAL TV inputs, though unlike many pico’s on the market there’s no integrated mediaplayer or onboard storage. You do get 0.5W stereo speakers, however, and the RPJ-2000 is Apple-certified for use with iPods and iPhones; you’ll have to add a €30 ($43) adapter kit on top of its €219 ($315) sticker price. RoyalTek will apparently launch five new pico-projectors in 2010, including a model with an integrated digital TV tuner

2. The LG eXpo is available in the color silver through AT&T on a two-year contract basis for $199.99.

One of the highlighted features of this phone is its optional integrated pico LG Mobile Projector that allows it to offer the functionality of a projector as well. Web pages, photos, documents and more can be projected with the device. The phone houses a 1GHz processor and offers compatibility with AT&T’s HSPA 7.2MB/s technology for access to their high speed 3G network.

3. First user review of Microvision’s Show WX laser pico projector (original in Spanish, the link is to babelfish translation.)

In total dark the images are impressive and spectacular, but with a little more light, the images are still good quality.

Distance from the screen. The distance from the projector to the screen will affect the brightness of the image.

– For a distance of 50 cm we obtain a diagonal of 47 cm.
– For 100 cm we obtain 91 cm.
– For 150 cm the diagonal is of 137 cm.
– And for 200 cm. the size is of 185 cm.