NTT demoes 69 Terabit per Second Communication Over a 180 mile long Optical Fiber

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Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation has successfully demonstrated an ultra-high-capacity optical transmission of 69.1 terabits per second (tera = one trillion) over a single 240 km-long optical fiber. The 69.1 Tb/s transmission, based on the wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) of 432 wavelengths with a capacity of 171 Gb/s, is the highest ever reported in the optical transmission field, and is twice the previous record of 32 Tb/s. The technologies used in this experiment will be useful for constructing future high-capacity optical backbone networks.

NTT Labs aim to realize high-capacity and long-distance optical transmission based on rates of over 100 Gb/s per wavelength and over 10 Tb/s per fiber, and to construct an optical backbone network that is superior in terms of economy and quality.

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