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militaryUK submarine modernization program

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The UK submarine force is also being modernized. The Royal Navy maintains a fleet of ten nuclear-powered submarines, currently comprised of three types. The four Vanguard Class Strategic Ballistic Missile Submarines are carrying the Trident II D5 intercontinental ballistic missiles. …

armyJapan makes 44 magnum resistant helmet

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Devtak Designs has a 4.85 pound helmet with 7 mm plates that claims 80% ballastic (bullet proof) protection. The 7mm strong plates can deflect gunshots and protects against shrapnel, blasts and fire. British SAS soldiers are reported to be testing …

materialsImproved Manmade spider silk

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A team of architects and chemists from the University of Cambridge has designed super-stretchy and strong fibers which are almost entirely composed of water, and could be used to make textiles, sensors and other materials. The fibers, which resemble miniature …