Nuclear Roundup – Russia and Namibia to Cooperate on Uranium, China Will Start Reactor in 2010, and 2010 Nuclear Generation Statistics

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1. Russia is ready to invest about $1 billion to develop uranium deposits in Namibia, the world’s fourth-biggest producer of the metal, said Sergei Kiriyenko, chief executive officer of Rosatom Corp. Namibia has the world’s eighth-largest proven uranium reserves, and this will increase since parts of the country are yet to be explored. Russia, the fifth-largest uranium miner according to the World Nuclear Association, signed a cooperation agreement with Namibia on exploration and production during Pohamba’s visit, a move that may allow them to challenge the top three producers, Kazakhstan, Canada and Australia.

2. China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group Co., the country’s second-largest nuclear power plant builder, said it will start up an additional reactor at Ling Ao in Guangdong province in October, as planned. The company started building the 1,000-megawatt reactor in December 2005.

3. The IEA (International Energy Agency) has Feb 2010 OECD energy statistics. (38 page pdf)

380.6 TWH of nuclear energy was produced in the OECD which is 1.1% behind the pace of 2009.

4. Japan’s nuclear production was 20.3% over April 2009 for April, 2010 and 20.7% ahead of March. Capacity factor is up to 67.4% versus 56.9% in 2009.

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