EDF on track for 2018 start of new UK Nuclear Reactor and China may achieve 80-100 Gigawatts of nuclear power by 2020

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1. Electricite de France SA, the world’s biggest operator of nuclear reactors, remains “on track” to start output at its first new atomic plant in the U.K. in 2018, according to Vincent de Rivaz, the head of its U.K. operations.

The utility, based in Paris, plans to build four reactors at the sites of existing nuclear stations at Hinkley Point in southwest England and at Sizewell in the southeast.

2. China may spend one trillion yuan (US$148 billion) on nuclear power development in the next 10 years, reports National Business Daily.

The official added that the Government plans to raise the percentage of nuclear power in total power capacity from 2.2 percent at present to five percent by 2020. Total planned nuclear capacity may total 80-100 GW by 2020

3. The shortage of skilled nuclear workers in the United States and the US natural gas boom and low natural gas prices will likely translate into delays in new nuclear reactor construction in the United States. The same conditions do not exist in Asia and Europe where there will be more nuclear reactors.

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