Picking Disruptive Technologies

China was thinking about investing $1.5 trillion into technologies that they think each one can become greater than trillion dollar contributors to their economy.

They picked
1. Alternative fuel cars
2. Biotechnology
3. Energy-Saving and Environmentally friendly Technologies
4. Alternative Energy
5. High End Manufacturing
6. Advanced materials
7. New Generation Information Technology

I would pick (for 5% or $75 billion of the money on higher return and higher risk efforts) I allocate $50 billion and hold $25 billion in reserve to fund based on what needs more or if something new comes up.

1. Extreme Life extension – rejuvenation, regenerative medicine
($10 billion)
2. Molecular nanotechnology – nanofactories – also provides nanomedicine
($5 billion)
3. Nuclear fusion (focus fusion, IEC fusion, magnetized target fusion, LENR) – major energy breakthrough and deep burn factory mass produced as a fallback
($20 billion)
4. Mach propulsion (could get the wormholes if it fully worked out)
($2 billion)
5. Superconductors – room temperature and cheap
($10 billion)
6. Lorentz force and casimir force mastery (two separate things)
($1 billion)

The Lorentz force work of Peck and others.

the Lorentz force can be used for propellantless propulsion

Launching using the lorentz force from Jupiter (which has a stronger magnetic field) can allow small objects to get to substantial fractions of light speed The small objects can be fuel pellets for larger spaceships which would fuse on impact (high enough speed and the energy of impact would cause fusion).

Passive microscale solar sails can use the Lorentz force

Peck has designed and built some spacecraft on a chip

Casimir force control is even more exotic physics.

A repulsive quantum force, opposite of casimir force, has been verified and measured.

There are efforts to use the casimr force to extract power from the vacuum

Areas of emphasis are:

1. Casimir force modulation; [now demonstrated by the University of Florida]
2. Repulsive Casimir force; [Prof Ulf Leonhardt and Dr Thomas Philbin 2007 report on theory and now this experimental work]
3. Lateral Casimir force;
4. Casimir force amplification
5. Energy issues in relation to the quantum vacuum.

DARPA has funded some projects to use the casimr force.

Joseph Zawodny, NASA Langley Research Center – Energetics, had a presentation at NASA Aviation Unleashed which considered the potential of being able to use the Casimir force to tap in to Zero point energy

7. Quantum computers – could enable superior solutions times to NP Hard problems
($2 billion)

With the above easy space travel around the solar system would be possible. Most changes could actually could get by with just the first three.
With molecular nanotech and ultimate superconductors – fantastic solar sails and solar electric sails would be possible.
Supercomputers 1 million to 1 trillion times more powerful from molecular nanotechnology.
Asteroid mining from the space capabilities of molecular nanotech and fusion.
The Hall Weather machine for getting to kardashev level one.

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