Robomara 2011 – a robot marathon

The VStone company and the city of Osaka organized a robot marathon. The robots must complete 422 laps of a 100 meter course. The course is a full length marathon (26.2 miles/42.2km) and was scheduled for three days from Feb 24- 27

One of the robots won today. After 422 laps of a 100-meter track, two robots found themselves only inches apart as coming out of the final turn. The Vstone team took first place, with an autonomous robot very literally walking a thin red line to victory thanks to a head-mounted camera, finishing with time of 54 hours, 57 minutes, 50.26 seconds. Seeing as how this is the very first robot marathon, I guess that makes it a world record time too. In second place not two seconds behind was the Robot Center team, with a remote-controlled model clocking in at 54 hours, 57 minutes, 51.99 seconds.

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