Persistence of black holes through a cosmological bounce

Arxiv – Persistence of black holes through a cosmological bounce If the Universe expands and contracts in cycles of Big Bangs and Crunches, some black holes may survive from one era to the next, according to a new analysis. Coley and Carr say that since the mass of primordial and pre-crunch black holes is similar, they will be very difficult to tell apart. Nobody has yet seen a primordial black hole, although efforts are underway to search for the telltale signatures they ought to produce. A Big Crunch generates a singularity that ought to cause everything in the Universe to merge. But Carr and Coley say that in some circumstances, black holes of a certain mass could avoid this fate and survive the crunch as separate entities. The masses for which this is possible range from a few hundred million kilograms to about the mass of our Sun.

There may be objects in our Universe that predate the Big Bang. And if we can somehow find a way to distinguish them from primordial black holes, we may yet be able to observe these most ancient of objects.

Separate work has suggested that advanced civilizations might be able to live inside the event horizon of a blackhole. Combining the work suggests that advanced civilizations would be able to survive from a precrunch universe to another post-crunch universe.

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We discuss whether black holes could persist in a universe which recollapses and then bounces into a new expansion phase. Whether the bounce is of classical or quantum gravitational origin, such cosmological models are of great current interest. In particular, we investigate the mass range in which black holes might survive a bounce and ways of diff erentiating observationally between black holes formed just after and just before the last bounce. We also discuss the consequences of the universe going through a sequence of dimensional changes as it passes through a bounce.

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