Rossi claims he will generate electricity from the Energy Catalyzer within one year

In the recent interview that Andrea Rossi gave on the Tom and Doug radio show, Andrea Rossi revealed that on November 11th he had made an important breakthrough with regards to the production of electrical power from the energy catalyzer.

Ecat World – Rossi said in the interview that production of electricity from the E-Cat has always been for him a major target and that “it will take, until the last week I said a couple of years, but today I can say one year because today, just today, (I don’t know because today is 11.11.11) we have resolved a very big problem which has made very short the time remaining to be able to produce also electric power, beside heat and cool with these apparatuses.”

Rossi provided no details about the nature of the breakthrough, but being able to make electricity efficiently would add a whole new dimension of usefulness of his invention, and would bring ever closer the dream that many people have of being able to have a complete power plant in ones home — heat, cooling, and electrical power from one unit. The revolutionary nature of such a technology is difficult to overstate, and if this could be achieved within a year, we could be looking at a very different world in the near future.

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