Nanoink High Density Tip Arrays for Polymer Pen Lithography Allows for high-throughput deposition of molecules

NanoInk announced today the availability of High Density (HD) Tip Arrays for Polymer Pen Lithography (PPL). These high-density elastomeric pen arrays are ideal for high-throughput deposition of ink materials. Similar to standard Dip Pen Nanolithography® (DPN®) with regular silicon nitride pens, High Density Tip Arrays can be used for the deposition of molecules with well-controlled feature size.

High Density Tip Arrays used for Polymer Pen Lithography can easily accommodate several thousands to millions of pens in the same array and are available in a range of array sizes (from 5×5 to 25×25 mm²) with different pen-to-pen pitches (from several microns to hundreds of microns pitch). The versatility of these arrays enables different types of applications in the fields of cell engineering, drug discovery, genomics and materials science.

High Density Tip Array for Polymer Pen Lithography

“When integrated with the 2D leveling mechanism and the large range stage translation of the NLP 2000 System, the HD Tip Array becomes an extremely powerful tool for large scale and high throughput deposition,” said Tom Warwick, general manager of NanoInk’s NanoFabrication Systems Division. “With the release of HD Tip Array for PPL, we have enhanced our robust scalable nanofabrication offerings, following the earlier release of the NLP 2000 System in 2009 and 1 and 2D leveling in 2011.”

Dip Pen Nanolithography molecular deposition

NanoInk has devised a proprietary technique for the reliable fabrication of ultra-flat HD Tip Arrays, which can be customized around customer’s application requirements

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