Singularity Summit – How to Create a mind

Ray Kurzweil has written a new book – How to Create a Mind

Usual start with exponential progress

Reverse engineering the brain

The ultimate source of the template of intelligence

The essence of the human brain is pattern recognition

Pattern recognition happens in the neocortex

Neocortex is 10 times thicker than a piece of paper

discuss the first mammals that had the neocortex

Create a hierarchy of ideas

Pattern recognizers of simple edges and shapes are the same as recognizers
of more complex things but they are at different levels of conceptual hierarchies.

The different areas of brain functions can take over other functions if needed.
example the visual recognition areas of the brain in the blind can be reassigned to verbal recognition.

Blue brain simulation project.

the simulations will not be the way to make an AGI but will be a way to confirm
our learnings of the brain

even a perfect neocortex simulation will not do anything just as a new baby has a perfect neocortex but
then has to learn things.

highly ordered regular grid structure

Over 300 million pattern recognizers in the neocortex

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