DARPA is looking to mitigate short and long term ionizing radiation risks

DARPA is looking to reduce ionizing radiation risks

Darpa has three main research areas for enhancing nuclear radiation survival.

1) i“prophylactic” and “post-exposure” treatments that can neutralize ionizing radiation before it starts to cause serious cellular damage.

2) Another looks at how to survive and/or mitigate the long-term effects of radiation exposure, to include cancers — effectively meaning Darpa wants to push the boundaries of surviving radiation-induced cancer.

3) Get a better understanding and model of the effects of radiation on the human body, from a molecular up to a systemic level, with an eye to “mitigation and repair of genetic and cellular damage.”

A particular area of interest: what nuclear radiation does to the very building blocks of life. “Emerging models of DNA damage dynamics, DNA damage response, signaling pathways and DNA repair mechanisms,” Darpa’s request reads, “may lead to the development of novel therapies for long-term radiation damage.”

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