6K video camera and 4K and 8K super high resolution television

RED Cameras has 6K (6144 x 3160 pixels) digital video cameras that can shoot 86 frames per second and cost $31,000. 6K has over 10x the number of pixels than 1080P.

There are some sample still frame captures from the 6K RED Dragon camera.

Shooting the full height and width of the RED Dragon is equivalent to taking a 19.4 megapixel still image at full motion continuously.

4K 50 inch televisions will be available in September for $999 from TCL There are other 4K TVs and there should be commericial 8K televisions soon.

Leading the charge to 8K television is Japanese broadcaster NHK. The publicly owned company developed the Super Hi-Vision standard for 8K, used by Sharp for a prototype TV that we saw back at CES 2012. The BBC also filmed some of the 2012 Olympic Games in Super Hi-Vision. Engadget said that watching that 8K footage was like looking “through a window direct onto the Olympic Stadium or Aquatics Center itself.”

NHK has already promised 4K broadcasts in Japan by 2014, and said at NAB that they will begin testing an 8K service in 2016.

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