Joe Eck has superconductor at the European hottest outdoor temperature of 48 celsius

Superconductors.ORG reports the discovery of two new room-temperature superconductors with record high transitions near 48 Celsius (118F, 321K) and 44 Celsius (111F, 317K). The chemical formulas of these materials are Tl6Ba4SiCu9O18+ and Tl5Ba4SiCu8O16+ respectively. These are the ninth and tenth superconductors found to have transition temperatures above room temperature.

Since dozens of new superconductors have already been found through the application of planar weight disparity (PWD) along the “C” axis, an effort was made to further increase the unit cell size and planar weight ratios (PWR) of materials already producing extraordinarily high transition temperatures. In the first compound, barium (Ba) was substituted into the tin (Sn) atomic sites of the 42 C superconductor discovered in September. This produced a 44 Celsius critical transition temperature. Then, in the second compound, the lattice was expanded to near 33 Angstroms by inserting another Tl and another CuO2 layer. This altered the structure from a D212 to an F212. That material produced a record Meissner transition near 48 Celsius.

Wikipedia has a list of the highest temperatures ever recorded at different locations. 48C is the highest temperature on record for Europe.

These two quinary compounds were synthesized using the layer cake method. The pellet had over 100 interference layers. And, even using this layering technique, the volume fraction is low, requiring very sensitive test equipment.

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