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dronesWeaponsized drones vs Anti-drone systems

The US had Predator drones and other large drones with sidewinder missiles and other missiles for quite a while. Smaller and cheaper quadcopter drones have had machine guns and grenade launchers mounted on them with stabilization systems. Drone Swarms launched …

dronesDrones with GPS-denied Navigation at 45 mph

When a firefighter, first responder or soldier operates a small, lightweight flight vehicle inside a building, in urban canyons, underground or under the forest canopy, the GPS-denied environment presents unique navigation challenges. In many cases loss of GPS signals can …

air forceExperimental Scaled Composite plane

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Scaled Composites has flown a new experimental aircraft called the Model 401. It has new features, including signature reduction design features. It is similar to the General Atomics Predator C Avenger and could be used for unmanned refueling drones and …