Climate estimates and taking action against air pollution

Previously nextbigfuture had noted the World Health Organizations increased estimate of deaths caused by air pollution.

Regular commenter Goatguy looks at the future projection of warming and provides his own estimates to a chart provided by other climate researchers.

Soot and particulates are still the best target for saving lives from air pollution and mitigating and near or farther term climate issues

Mitigating soot would cost about $6 per ton of CO2 equivalent. CO2 mitigation costs about $100 per ton. Nextbigfuture has frequently written that soot is the most cost effective emission target for managing climate. It is also the one with the fastest results. Carbon dioxide mitigation does not impact temperatures for 50-80 years. Fully mitigating soot can also save 2-3 million lives by avoiding the disease from soot pollution.

Download Report: Actions for Controlling Short-Term Climate Forcers (36 pages)

Cost-Effective Actions to Cut Black Carbon, Methane and Tropospheric Ozone Spotlighted in New Report

Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres – Bounding the role of black carbon in the climate system: A scientific assessment

The full 242 pages is available for free.