Diamandis creates HeroX for crowdsourcing Xprize-Like Challenges like Self-replicating Robots

HeroX. It’s a spinoff from the X Prize Foundation, taking the incentive challenge model and crowdsourcing it.

HeroX is a platform where anyone can spur innovation and solve problems by launching a challenge. It is a place for the world to come together to solve problems in need of creative solutions. And we need your ideas to make it hum!

We are launching the ImagineX Challenge because we are looking for the best, most exciting challenges to run on our platform. We want you to create a challenge that motivates someone else to solve it.

What breakthrough can you imagine, if it could be anything? Really, anything. It could be anything from poverty to potholes, climate change to cat rescue.

Imagine the breakthrough is “x” — someone else solves for “x” — and we all live in a world where “x” is solved. You set the guidelines, you create the finish line, and you make it possible for someone else to solve “x”.

The HeroX ImagineX Challenge will award $1,000 to the creators of the 10 best challenges.

What’s a great challenge? A great challenge:

Addresses a problem that people want solved
Is important to a large number of people
Is solvable
Engages people in discussing, competing and solving the challenge
Provides all the required information for a challenge to run on HeroX.com
Fits within the HeroX Terms of Use

Here’s a video from Peter Diamandis about HeroX:

HeroX will give away $1000 for the 10 best challenge ideas submitted to their site

Participate in the ImagineX Challenge for your chance to win one of ten $1000 prizes, just by answering the question, “What challenges in the world would you solve?”

The ImagineX Challenge is sponsored by HeroX, the world’s problem-solving platform.

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